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Vision & Mission


To become an international leader in the engineering education, research and the application of knowledge to benefit society globally and to emerge as a "Center of Excellence".


Our mission is to be the place of choice for engineering education and research. We commit ourselves to be an institution that challenges its students, faculty and staff to learn, to grow, to achieve, and to serve the needs of society. We wish to be a place where excellence, excitement, innovation, and impact define the style and substance of its activities.

  1. To provide a continuously improving educational and research environment in which faculty, administrators, students and staff work together to educate our students to lead, to have impact, and to make significant contributions to their professions, industry, government, academia, and society.
  2. To attract diverse outstanding students, and to motivate and educate them to reach their full potential as leaders in engineering professions.


  1. To become global player in the field of Engineering, Science & Technology Education, Research, leadership in the profession.
  2. Generate skilled, qualified and socially responsible technical personnel required to face the challenges of the country in the twenty-first century.
  3. Further develop the institution as research and resources center to become reputed knowledge enterprise of India and the world.
  4. Provide an opportunity to the citizen of Chhattisgarh and India to acquire quality engineering education in different fields at a reasonable cost.

Our Commitments

  1. Providing students with a comprehensive education that includes in-depth instruction in their chosen fields of study.
  2. Emphasizing analysis and problem solving; exposure to open-ended problems and design studies.
  3. Fostering teamwork; communications skills and individual professionalism, including ethics and environmental awareness.
  4. Providing adequate co-curricular opportunities that cultivate lifelong learning skills.