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Management Information System

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Why MIS is important?

MIS plays a very important role in the organization; it helps in organization's functions, performance and productivity. The impact of MIS on the functions is in its management with a good MIS supports the management of marketing, finance, production and personnel becomes more efficient.


Our Mission is to help students and faculties excel in their information through technology, MIS provides the sum of components in our "Computerization Technology" approach. To do this we work closely with a select list of premium right technologies to aid our solutions for virtualization, storage, wireless, networking, unified communications and security. MIS is constantly evaluating the market place so that continuously improve, change and adapt to customer market changes.

The college MIS provides facilities like: • Daily in and out report and attendance of each and every students registered. • Provides unique identification number to each student. • Regular class attendance of students and staff • Providing platform for the students to check their attendance and marks. • Upload and evaluate examination papers • Fee details