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SNoFaculty NameTitleJournalCo-AutherVolYear
1Dr. Prof. Md. Khwaja MohiddinApplication of IoT & Cloud Computing in Automation of Agriculture IrrigationJournal of Food Quality, Wiley-Hindawi PublicationsSCI IndexedISSN :1745-45572022
2Prof. K. Ganpati S. SharmaA Review on Efficient Combustion with Multifarious Approaches for O2 Analysis in Boiler SectionIJREAMDr. S.Bhusnurvol 7/Issue 32021
3Prof. Neha Sharma“A Hybrid Technique of Blind Color Watermarking Employing RDWT and SVD”International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology (IJERT)Volume 10, issue 102021
4Dr. Prof. Md. Khwaja MohiddinA survey on the Scope of Cloud ComputingMaterials Today: Proceedings,ElsevierScopus IndexedISSN :2214- 78532021
5Dr. Prof. Md. Khwaja Mohiddin"Energy Efficient Enhancement for Prediction based Scheduling Algorithm for Improvement of Network Lifetime in WSNs Special Issue, Metaheuristic Algorithms for Big Data Analytics within the Internet of Things, Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing, Hindawi PublicationsSCI Indexed ISSN :1530-86772021
6Dr. Prof. Md. Khwaja MohiddinMajor Applications of Data Mining in MedicalMaterials Today: Proceedings,ElsevierScopus IndexedISSN :2214- 78532021
7Dr. Prof. Md. Khwaja MohiddinAnalysing the Importance and Impact of Cloud Computing on Organization’s Performance Management During Economic CrisesMaterials Today: Proceedings,ElsevierScopus IndexedISSN :2214- 78532021
8Dr. Prof. Md. Khwaja MohiddinThe Necessity of Machine Learning in Clinical Emergency Medicine; a Narrative Review of the Current LiteratureMaterials Today: Proceedings,ElsevierScopus IndexedISSN :2214- 78532021
9Dr. Prof. Md. Khwaja MohiddinData Security in Healthcare Management Analysis and Future ProspectsMaterials Today: Proceedings,ElsevierScopus IndexedISSN :2214- 78532021
10Dr. Prof. Md. Khwaja MohiddinEnhanced Kalman Filter Navigation Algorithm Based on Correntropy and Fixed-Point Update International Journal of Engineering and Technology Innovation (IJETI)Scopus IndexedISSN :2223-5329 (Print), ISSN 2226-809X (Online)2021
11Dr. Prof. Md. Khwaja MohiddinA survey on the Scope of Cloud ComputingMaterials Today: Proceedings,ElsevierScopus IndexedISSN :2214- 78532021
12Prof. K. Ganpati S. SharmaCase Study for Generation of Flammable GAS Through Electrolysis Process and control via PV PanelBITCON 2019Dr.Surekha Bhusnur , Akriti Chaturvedi2020
13Prof. K. Ganpati S. SharmaSmart Irrigation Using Multilevel Cropping System BITCON 2019Palak Gupta2020
14Prof. Pooja AgnihotriBIOGAS PLANT : PROCESS & PARAMETER MONITORINGInternational Conference on Emerging Trends and Advances in Electrical Engineering and Renewable Energy (ETAEERE -2020)K.G. S. Sharma, Prabhas Kumar Gupta2020
15Prof. Pooja AgnihotriBio-Gas Plant: System Management; Monitoring Advancement2nd International Conference on Recent Trends in Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development (ICRTRESD 2020)K.G. S. Sharma, Prabhas Kumar Gupta2020
16Prof. Pooja AgnihotriBIOGAS PLANT : PROCESS & PARAMETER MONITORINGSpringer publication - Lect. Notes Electrical Eng., Vol. 709, ADVANCES IN ELECTRONICS, COMMUNICATION AND COMPUTING K.G. Sharma, Prabhas Ku. Gupta978-981- 15-8751-1, 489176_1_En (36)2020
17Prof. Neha Sharma“Comparative Study of 3-Level DWT-SVD and RDWT-SVD in Digital Image Watermarking”2nd International conference on “Recent Trends In Renewable Energy And Sustainable Global Development. Emerging Trends In Electronics And Telecommunication2020
18Prof. Neha Sharma“Digital Image Watermarking Technique”National conference on “Electrical and Electronics Engineering”2020
19Prof. Pooja AgnihotriBIOGAS PLANT : PROCESS & PARAMETER MONITORINGSpringer publication, Lect. Notes Electrical Eng., Vol. 709, ADVANCES IN ELECTRONICS, COMMUNICATION AND COMPUTINGK.G. Sharma, Prabhas Ku. Gupta978-981- 15-8751-1, 489176_1_En (36)2020
20Prof. Pooja AgnihotriBIOGAS PLANT : PROCESS & PARAMETER MONITORINGSpringer publication, Lect. Notes Electrical Eng., Vol. 709, ADVANCES IN ELECTRONICS, COMMUNICATION AND COMPUTINGK.G. Sharma, Prabhas Ku. Gupta978-981- 15-8751-1, 489176_1_En (36)2020
1202041050395Sensor Based Intelligent System to ensure Social Distancing among Students in Educational Institutions to prevent the spread of COVID-192020-01-07 Dr. Md. Khaja Mohiddin
2202041048829Railway Track Safety Monitoring & Control System Using IoT2020-09-08 Dr. Md. Khaja Mohiddin
3202021105895System for morphology segmentation of brain MRI modalities based on E-fuzzy features and thresholds2021-01-05Dr. Md. Khaja Mohiddin
42021101582IoT Based Gas Leakage Prevention System2021-10-08Dr. Md. Khaja Mohiddin
52021101396A Vehicle Anti-Theft System & a Method Thereof2021-10-13Dr. Md. Khaja Mohiddin
62020104385A System and a Method For Automated Irrigation Using Internet of Things2020-10-04Dr. Md. Khaja Mohiddin
SNoTitle of Research ProjectName of PI/Co-PI/ Joint PIDuration of the ProjectTotal Grants Received(In Lakhs)Name of the funding agency
2Efficient Algorithms Based on Competent Energy Consumption Using Cross Layer Network in WSNsDr. Md. Khwaja Mohiddin, 11.7 LakhEfficient Algorithms Based on Competent Energy Consumption Using Cross Layer Network in WSNs
3An Algorithm to Reduce Successive Interference in Multipath Advance Wireless ChannelDr.Md.Khwaja Mohiddin11.6 LakhAn Algorithm to Reduce Successive Interference in Multipath Advance Wireless Channel

Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering

About The Department

Looking at the growing demands of the electronics engineers, in the year 2010, the institute has established electroncis and telecommunication engineering and later seeing the requirement of IT engineering, in the year 2023, the institute has taken the initiative of launching the Electronics and Computer Engineering Department for the benefit of the students who are keen on knowing the subjects relevant to the modern era of Electronics as well as Computers. The department has since been continuously striving for excellence in engineering education. The department has always been on a high growth path to keep pace with the ever-increasing importance of the major disciplines of the study and current trends in technology.

The department is well equipped with the latest laboratories. The department has few major laboratories namely: Analog & Digital Communication Lab, Digital Signal Processing Lab, Microprocessor Lab, Microcontroller & Embedded Systems Lab, Analog & Digital Electronics Lab, etc. Also, we have additional Tutorial Room, Research, and Development Lab. The Department has completed many workshops and seminars under CGCOST (Chhattisgarh Council of Science and Technology) and TEQIP-III Cell via CSVTU Bhilai.

The department has a rich tradition in research and teaching. The research interests of the faculty members of the department encompass the wide area of applied and fundamental aspects of Electronics & Computer Engineering department. Collaboration between major industries has been taken place in the form of MOUs. Indeed, a few members of the teaching faculty have been recognized as reviewers in renowned journal publishers. With competent staff and adequate equipment, the department can take up research work on electronics, communication, and allied fields.


To be a center of excellence in the field of electronics and computer engineering education, research and it’s applications in making significant contributions to the individual career, encouraging entrepreneurship and societal development.


  • Mission 1:

    Provide quality academic to improve students for their technical skill in present scenario of program and meet industrial needs.
  • Mission 2:

    Practical Knowledge and training program introduced to provide better exposure to students for improvement of students skills.
  • Mission 3:

    To guide students for their research activities which is beneficial for the society, environment etc.
  • Mission 4:

    Seeking to place maximum students in various industries to satisfy there basic financial needs.

Program Educational Objectives

PEO1 To enhance the perspective of the students in the field of their core subjects for better understandings in emerging technologies.
PEO2 To produce technically dedicated graduates with ability to analyze design, optimize and implement engineering products.
PEO3 To produce technical sound individuals with the professional outlooks who can communicate effectively and interact responsibly with colleagues, clients, employers and the society.

Program Specific Outcomes

PSO1 To Apply science, engineering, mathematics through differential and integral calculus; to solve complex electronics and computer engineering problems.
PSO2 Demonstrate proficiency in use of software and hardware required to practice electronics and computer profession.


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Laboratory & Workshop Facilities (Detailed)

Department: Department of Electronics & Computer Engineering

Sr. No Name of the Laboratory Carpet Area (Sq. mtr.) Major Equipment’s available
1 Optical Communication Lab


  1. Fiber Optics Trainer
  2. Advanced Fiber Optics Trainer
  3. Multiplexer/Demultiplexer-Coder/Decoder Trainer
  4. Laser Trainer
  5. Wavelength Division Multiplexing trainer with Laser light source & Optical Power meter
2 Microwave Communication & Engineering Lab
  1. Microwave test bench with Klystron based
  2. Microwave test bench with Gunn based
  3. Microwave test bench with Klystron /Gunn based
3 Microcontroller & Embedded System Lab
  1. Universal IC Programmer+ IC Tester
  2. Universal IC Programmer+ IC Tester+ ISP
  3. Universal IC Programmer+ IC Tester+ ISP + Stand Alone
  4. Advanced 8051 Trainer kit
4 VLSI Lab 66.00
  1. Make: "LABTRON" Universal Development Platform
  2. Make: "LABTRON" VLSI Development Platform with FPGA Based
5 Digital Circuit Simulation Lab
  1. PCs with simulation software like MULTISIM
  4. TINA PRO installed
6 Digital Signal Processing Lab
  2. Signal Processing Toolbox
  3. DSP System Toolbox
  4. Communication System Toolbox
  5. Data Acquisition Toolbox
  6. MATLAB Compiler
  7. Simulink
  8. Simscape
  9. Sim Power System
  10. Simulink PLC Coder
  11. Image Processing Toolbox
7 Electronics Workshop Lab
  1. PCB drilling machine
  2. PCB etching machine
  3. PCB shearing machine
  4. PCB oven
  5. DIP coating machine
  6. UV exposure unit
  7. LCR meter
  8. Consumables & Chemicals
  9. Soldering iron
  10. Desoldering iron
  11. Resistance color code chart
  12. Capacitance color code chart
8 Analog Communication Lab
  1.  “SCIENTECH” DSB/SSB AM Trainer, Model: ST-2201
  2. “SCIENTECH” DSB/SSB AM Receiver, Model: ST-2202
  3. “SCIENTECH” Frequency Modulation/Demodulation Trainer, Model: ST-2203
  4. “SCIENTECH” FM Communication Trainer, Model: ST-2204
  5. “SCIENTECH” Noise Audio- Amplifier Trainer, Model: ST-2205
  6. “SCIENTECH” Four Channel Analog TDM trainer, Model: ST-2207
  7. “SCIENTECH” Frequency Division Multiplexing/Demultiplexing Trainer, Model: ST-2211
  8. “SCIENTECH” Pre-emphasis & De-emphasis Circuits with Power Supply, Model: AB-103
Linear Integrated Circuits& Applications Lab
  1. Op Amp as non-inverting amplifier with thermistor feedback.
  2. Characteristics of NTC bridge circuit
  3. Characteristics of Temperature
  4. sensor IC LM 335
  5. Photo Relay (Light operated Relay) using IC 555 Transistor
  6. 20MHz oscilloscope Function Generator Power
  7. Oscilloscope with Digital Readout of ranges
  8. Power Supply for Analog Boards (± 12V/200 mA, ± 5V/200 mA)
  9. Analog to Digital Converter
  10. Digital to Analog Converter,
  11. Voltage Multiplier
  12. Sample and Hold Circuit
10 Analog Electronics Lab 66.00
  1. Phase Shift oscillator using FET, JFET oscillator
  2. RF Tuned amplifier, Transformer coupled amplifier
  3. Wein bridge Oscillator, Phase Shift Oscillator
  4. Current/Voltage feedback, RC coupled amplifier
  5. Transistor amplifier (CE, CB, CC) Bootstrapping amplifier
  6. Characteristics of transistor (CE, CB, CC)
11 Digital Electronics Logic Design Lab  
  1. Digital Logic Trainer Kit
12 Digital Communication Lab  
  1. Delta Modulation & Demodulation, Model no. SB-236
  2. Signal Sampling & Reconstruction Trainer, Model no. SB-223
  3. TDM pulse amplitude Modulation (2 Channel) modulation & Demodulation, Model no. SA-243
  4. TDM pulse code modulation, modulation/ Transmitter Trainer, Model no. SA-933
  5. Data formatting & Carrier modulation/ Transmitter Trainer, Model no. SA-935
  6. Data reformatting & Carrier demodulation/ Receiver Trainer, Model no. SA-936
13 Electronics Circuit Design Lab 66.00
  1. “SCIENTECH” Advanced Analog Work Station Lab with bread board, Model: ST 2612-A
  2. “SCIENTECH” M-Derived band pass and band reject filter Model: AB-47
  3. “SCIENTECH” K- Derived filter, Model: AB-49
  4. “SCIENTECH” M- Derived filter, Model: AB-48
  5. “SCIENTECH” Passive Attenuator, Model: AB-50
  6. “SCIENTECH” Active Filter (LPF +HPF), Model: AB-51
  7. “SCIENTECH” Active Band Pass Filter, Model: AB-52
  8. “SCIENTECH” Notch Filter, Model: AB-53
  9. “SCIENTECH” Tchebyshev Filter, Model
  10. “SCIENTECH” Sample and Hold Circuit, Model: AB-116
  11. “SCIENTECH” Voltage Multiplier Model: AB-87
  12. “SCIENTECH” Digital to Analog converter, Model: DB-16
  13. “SCIENTECH” Analog to Digital Converter, Model: DB-22
  14. Power Supply for Digital Boards, Model: AD-01
  15. “SCIENTECH” Oscilloscope with Digital Readout of ranges, Model: Caddo 801
  16. “SCIENTECH” 20MHz oscilloscope Function Generator Power Supply, Model: Caddo 820
  17. “SCIENTECH” 30MHz 2 Channel 4 Trace setting position readout by LCD display, Model: Caddo 831.                                            
14 Advanced
Microprocessor and
Interfacing Lab/Microprocessor and Interfaces Lab
  1. 8085 Microprocessor Trainer Kit
  2. 8255 Study Card
  3. Digital Multi Meter
  4. 8086 Trainer Kit
15 Industrial Transducers & Sensors Lab 66.00
  1. Measurement of Linear Displacement using LVDT(Digital)
  2. Light Dependent Resistor (LDR) characteristics
  3. Speed measurement using Transducer complete setup
  4. Solar Cell Characteristics
  5. Photo diode Characteristics
  6. Photo transistor Characteristics
  7. Photo Relay (Light Operated Relay) using IC 555 & Transistor
  8. Characteristics of Temperature Sensor IC555 & T335
  9. Characteristics of NTC bridge circuit
  10. Op-Amp as non-inverting amplifier with thermistor
  11. Diode as thermosensitive or Thermoelectric device
  12. To Study the transistor as a temperature Sensor
  13. To Study the voltage divider network using LDR
  Total 9 Labs  

Embedded Systems Lab:

Microprocessor & Microcontroller Laboratory:

Communication Lab:

Electronic Work shop Labs:



Prof. K. Ganpati S. Sharma

Adhoc Asso. Professor,HOD

Dr. Prof. Md. Khwaja Mohiddin

Sr. Asst. Professor, Prof. Incharge T&P

Prof. Praveen Tiwari

Sr. Assistant Professor

Prof. Shravan Kumar Singh

Sr. Assistant Professor

Prof. Pooja Agnihotri

Assistant Professor

Prof. Neha Sharma

Assistant Professor