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Office Of Dean - Research & Development

Prof. Abhinav Shukla
Designation Co-ordinator, Research & Development, BIT Raipur

About Department

The Office of Research and Development provides administrative, financial and managerial support for the execution of all research and development projects in the Institute.

The key role of the Office is to provide a conductive atmosphere for research and development activities of the Institute. Some of the functions of the R&D office are:

  1. Managing research projects as per the norms of the funding agency. This includes managing the expenses incurred in R&D projects.
  2. Promotion of Institute-Industry interactions
  3. Technology Development and Transfer
  4. Provides a platform for start-ups by prospective entrepreneurs to convert their innovative ideas into commercially viable products. It provides services related to patenting and commercialization activities.
  5. Publishes research within the Institute through magazines like R&D Newsletter, Directions
  6. Institute Lectures
  7. It liaisons between the funding agencies and potential sponsors of the projects.
  8. Joint funding programmes
  9. Vetting of all agreements and MoUs

The Institute has 01 Research Centers in Mechanical Engineering.


1) 2nd International Conference

Theme of the Seminar / Symposium/ Conference: Recent Trends in Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development (Sustainable Global Development)

Dates and Venue of the Seminar/ Symposium / Conference: January 30 - 31, 2020, BHILAI INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, RAIPUR
For details visit:
1. & Development/
2. Report on 2nd International Conference Central (ICRTRESD)

2) Collaborative Research Projects under TEQIP-III

S.No. Name of PI Co- PI / Institute Title of the Project Sanctioned Amount
1 Dr. Vikas Dubey Dr. Raunak Kumar Tamrakar. BIT Durg Mr.Rituraj Chandrakar.NMDC Polytechnic Mechano Iunrinescence and thermo luminance studies of rare earth activated phosphors for display and mechanical sensors 200000/-
2 Dr. Shri Ram Krishna Mishra Mr. Manish Kumar Sinha,UTD CSVTU Bhilai Mechano lunrinescence for crack detection in cementitious structures 250000/-
3 Dr. Vikas Dubey Dr. Raunak Kumar Tamrakar. BIT Durg Mr.Rituraj Chandrakar. NMDC Polytechnic Mechano Iunrinescence and thermo luminance studies of rare earth activated phosphors for display and mechanical sensors 200000/-
4 Mr. Aditya Tiwari Dr. Jyoti Pillai , Bhilai Intitute of Technology, Durg To facilitate the sales of rural products and arts of Chhattisgarh through E-Commerce using data mining, Data Science and soft computing techniques 120000/-
5 Dr. Sangeeta Sahu Dr. Madhurima Pandey, BIT, Durg, Development of efficient biosorption technology for removing Cadmium from Industrial effluents 100000/-
6 Ms. Deepmala Pandey Effect on properties on geopolymer concrete with particle replacement of fine aggregate by crusher stone Development of efficient biosorption technology for removing Cadmium from Industrial effluents 180000/-
7 Dr. Ratnesh Tiwari Dr. Angesh Chandra, SSIPMT Raipur Therma luminescence studies of some mineral(Quartz, Calcite, Lime Stone) of Chhattisgarh Basin 180000/-
8 Mr.M. D. Khaja Mohiddin Dr. Hemlata Sinha, SSIPMT, Raipur Efficient algorithm based on competent energy consumption using cross layer network in WSNS. 170000/-
9 Mr. Syed Zishan Ali Mr. Deepak Rao Khadatkar, SSIMPT, Raipur Fingerprint based home security 130000/-
10 Ms. Sana Tak Mr. Ashish Trivedi, SSIPMT , Raipur,Mrs. Preeti Thadani, BIT Raipur Using Ad-hoc on demand distance Vector technique for Identifying Sink hole Attack in wireless sensor netweork 170000/-
11 Mr. Sanjay kumar Sahu Mr. Pradeep Kumar Sahu, SSIPMT, Raipur and Manish kumar Mishra, BIT, Raipur Design and fabrication and Analysis of semi auto rice transplanter 250000/-
12 Mr Jaideep Dewangan Mr. Dilip Tamboli, SRIT Raipur Design of wearable Textile antenna for WLAN & Bluetooth Application. 250000/-
13 Mrs. Rashmi Mishra Mr.Dilip Tamboli, SRIT Raipur, Ms.Arpita shukla, BIT raipur Stimulation of Bio –Chemical effects using EM field for diagnosis and treatment of diseases 225000/-
14 Dr. T. Ramarao Mr. SSK Deepak, RECT Raipur. Dr. Mukesh Thakur, NMDC DAV Polytechnic, Dantewara Environmental Pollution reduction from spark ignition engine automobiles using copper nano particles coated on catalytic converter as a catalyst 150000/-
15 Mr. Abhinab Shukla Dr. Ritesh Diwan, Raipur Institute of Technology, Raipur IOT based automation of electrical and electronics devices in college academic building using aurdino and wi-fi module 150000/-
16 Mr.Manish Kumar Mishra Mr. Taranjeet Sachdev, SSIPMT, Raipur Luminescence behavior of rare earth activated SrAl2O4 and ZrO2 nano phosphors and their applications for deformation detection techniques with possibilities of their integration with MEMS devices. 200000/-
17 Prof. Pooja Agnihotri Mr. Prabhash Kumar Gupta, CSIT Durg Prof. K Ganpati Sharma, BIT Raipur Management and Monitoring System for Bio Gas 150000/-
Gross Total 3105000/-

3) National Test Centre

Recognized National Test Center for online and offline exams for JEE (Main),UGC-NET, CMAT, GPAT, NEET, SWAYAM,ARPIT, JNU, ICAR, NCHM, DU, IGNOU etc.

4) Undergoing Research Projects

S.No. Project Name Faculty Amount(INR)
1 DST-SERB( SUPRA) Dr.Vikas Dubey
Dr. Ratnesh Tiwari
43 Lakh
2 Indo- Egyptian Dr.Vikas Dubey
Dr. Ateh-EL-Tehar
Dr. Hydayatullah Salem
23 Lakh
3 Indo-Polland Dr.Vikas Dubey
Dr. Michalska Domanska
25 Lakh
4 DST-SERB( SUPRA) Dr. Jagjeet Kaur Saluja
Dr. Vikas Dubey
48 Lakh

5) Memorandum of Undertaking

Bhilai Institute of Technology, Raipur has signed MoU with Govt. V.G.T. PG Auto. College Durg, to exchange the facilities of Research Work.

6) Book Published

“Design and Optimization of Sensors and Antennas for Wearable Devices: Emerging Research and Opportunities”

Vinod Kumar Singh(S. R. Group of Institutions Jhansi, India), Ratnesh Tiwari (Bhilai Institute of Technology, India), Vikas Dubey (Bhilai Institute of Technology, India), Zakir Ali (IET Bundelkhand University, India) and Ashutosh Kumar Singh (Indian Institute of Information Technology, India)

Release Date: September, 2019|Copyright: © 2020 |Pages: 196 ISBN13: 9781522596837|ISBN10: 1522596836|EISBN13: 9781522596851|DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-9683-7

7) Patent

Application No.201941033657 A
Publication Date : 30/08/2019

8) Book Published Details :-

1. *Physics practical Manual for B.Tech (Agriculture Engg.) BRSM, MUNGELI, C.G.

2. "Thermoluminescence Study of Semaria Limestone of C.G.Basin", ISBN 978-3-8473-4210-6 LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, Germany.

3. “Development of Spectrophotometric Methods For Pharmaceutical Analysis” SBN 978-3-659-49972-2LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, Germany. (3 Authors)

4. Thermo and Mechano luminescence studies of II-VI semiconductors by Ratnesh Tiwari & Vikas Dubey, 978-3-659-27133-5 Lambert Publication, Germany

5. Sharp line Red-emitting polyborate phosphor for light applications, ISBN 978-3-330-00096-4, 2016, SudiptaSom, Somrita Dutta and Vikas Dubey.

6. Emerging Synthesis Techniques for Luminescent Materials Edited by Dr.Ratnesh Tiwari, Dr. Vikas Dubey, Dr. S.J. Dhoble (2018) ISBN13: 9781522551706

7. Design and Optimization of Sensors and Antennas for Wearable Devices: Emerging Research and Opportunities Edited by Dr. Vinod Singh, Dr.Ratnesh Tiwari, Dr. Vikas Dubey, (2019) ISBN13: 9781522596837

8. Luminescent materials for display and Biomedical Applications Edited by, Dr. Vikas Dubey, Dr. SudiptaSom, Dr. Vijay Sharma, CRC Press ( ISBN 9780367112127-2020

9. Phosphors for display, forensic and biomedical applications, Vikas Dubey, Neha Dubey, Marta MichalskaDomanaska, Jagjeet Kaur, 2021 NOVA publication house ISBN978-1536189377

10. Rare Earth Activated Phosphors: Chemistry and Applications, Edited by Vikas Dubey, Neha Dubey, Marta MichalskaDomanska, M. Jayasimhadri. S.J. Dhoble, 2022, ELSEVIER publication house ISBN978-0323898560

11. Luminescence Theory and Applications, Edite by Vikas Dubey et. al. De-Gryuter publication house 2021 ISBN 978-3110676419

12. Water Resource Technology management for Engineering Applications De-Gryuter publication house 2021

13. Green Energy Technology (ELSEVIER) Upcoming 2022

14. Mechanoluminescence in Organic and Inorganic Compounds (ELSEVIER) Upcoming 2022

15. High Entripy Alloys De-Gryuter publication houseUpcoming 2022

9) Book Photos

Dr. Vikas Dubey