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Woman Cell

Women Cell of BIT

With the growing sensitivity towards providing safe and conducive working and educational environment to the women, the college has an active Women Cell. This is an association dedicated to the women fraternity of BITR. (both as female faculties and the girl students of the college).The Women Cell helps to maintain a harmonious atmosphere at the institute. The Women Cell of BITR endeavors to create a sustainable, equal opportunity environment conducive to the all-round development of women members in the campus, both professionally and personally. The cell constantly strives to ensure that women from all walks of life, working or studying in the college, or visiting the campus, are treated with respect and dignity.

This cell also looks after Gender equality and gender discrimination related issues on the campus

The members of the cell include:

  • Dr.Shubhra Tiwari (Coordinator)
  • Mrs.A.radha Naidu
  • Dr.Shilpa Sharma
  • Mrs.Shaheena Rahim
  • Prof.Seira Shinde
  • Prof. Suman Verma Nayak
  • Prof. Rashmi Mishra
  • Prof.Deepmala Pandey
  • Prof. Pooja Agnihotri

The activities of the cell includes

Inviting cultural leaders, scholars, scientists, doctors and creative artists. Invited members include-

  1. Madam Neha Champawat (IPS, S.P. Mahasamund)
  2. Mr. Prateek Khare (Joint Director, Govt of C.G.Deptt of Women & Child Development)
  3. Dr.Ila Gupta (Clinical psychologist, career counselor & nutritionist)
  4. Dr. Nidhi Shukla (Principal, B.Ed college KITE)

To organize workshop/ awareness drive/ philanthropy
One day workshop on candle & box making
Awareness on health and hygiene.
Awareness on safety apps launched by government
Donation box for needy

Prepared & submitted by

Dr. Shubhra Tiwari

Coordinator Women cell BITR