Mechanical Engineering

Considered as the most ever green and the ever in demand branch of engineering, Mechanical engineering is the core branch in this field. No matter whatever the industry is, they would require machines to run and these are maintained, updated and run by mechanical engineers. The heavy infrastructure of major plants, bridges, industries are all because of the innovative mind of mechanical engineers. You can find a mechanical engineer in air, on earth and under the ocean. They are the brain behind the robots, they are the hands behind the cars we drive and the pen we write with.

If a student opts for mechanical engineering as his career then he has a vast road ahead and endless opportunities both at the PSUs and the Private sector units. Companies like BHEL, BSP, Nuclear Plants, Petroleum Companies, etc wait for students who do well in the mechanical engineering to provide them with lucrative job offers in hefty salary package. This happens when a student clears the GATE exam and also clears the technical test provided by the desired company.

Scope of the Discipline

There is a vast scope for Mechanical Engineering. Mechanical Engineers are the second highest employed engineers, with only seven per cent unemployed. Normal engineering sees more like 15 per cent of those qualified unemployed. This is because not only is there the need for industrial resurrection in the first world, but also the larger second world economies such as Brazil and India are starting to push for greater infrastructure and development. This means opportunities in oil and gas production, aeronautics, the cement industry, chemical industries, the heavy machinery sector, defense technologies… . Where do paper clips come from? How about computer chips or jelly beans? Part of a mechanical engineer's job is to design things so that they can be efficiently, inexpensively fabricated & The list goes on.

Govt Sector

It has immense scope. Most of the companies are hiring in lot of candidates in this section. More over this also helps in various job opportunities in reputed government run companies such as ISRO, NTPC as well as in sectors of Railway, Mining etc. The salary packages in this sector are also high. Mechanical diploma holders can also opt in for competitive exams at the central and state level.

Future Scope

Mechanical engineers are involved in creating futures. They are the driving force behind many of our technologies and industrial processes including innovative products like mobiles, PCs and DVD etc in the modern world. The works of Mechanical includes production, transmission, power, heat. Investigate different energy sources.

As the Mechanical engineering study include in areas like thermal engineering, designing and production engineering. The engineers will handle the managerial and administrative positions in government and privet sectors.

Career Scope and Placement Prospects

It has a tremendous scope in automobile engineering, cement industry, steel, power sector, Hydraulics, Manufacturing plants, Drilling and mining Industry, Petroleum, Aeronautical, Biotechnology and many more. With its wide scope of application, mechanical engineers remain always in demand, no matter which part of the world.

Companies like Indorama Synthetics (India) Ltd., Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., ACC Machinery, ACC Refractories, KEC International, Hindustan Levers, ISPAT Industries Ltd., DCL Polyesters Ltd., Lloyds Steels Ltd., Electrolux, MSEB, WCL, Ashok Layland, BHEL, CAT Indore (a Unit of BARC Bombay), CICR, CMRI, etc.