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Department of Examination

About the Mechanical Engineering

The Examination Cell (Exam Cell) came into existence from the beginning of Institution. Exam cell is headed by the Senior Superintendent of Examinations (Principal) and Superintendent (Exam) with supporting staff. The Prime responsibility of Examination Cell is to conduct all examinations (Both Internal and External and Practical Exams) in proper manner.


  • Examination Cell serves all Examination notices received from University to all concerned.
  • Examination Cell takes all precautions while preparing Examination Time table for class tests, Invigilation duty chart, seating plans for the students in the Examination halls, smooth conduct of Examinations etc.
  • Examination cell takes necessary steps for distribution of Answer sheets for internal examination to the concerned teachers after completion of the exam
  • Examination Cell keeps all records pertaining to conduct of Internal, External an practical examinations.
  • Preparation of smooth conduct of examinations, preparation of exam schedule, Invigilation duty chart, Seat allotment in the examination halls etc.


Sno. Name Department Role
1 Dr. T. Rama Rao Principal Sr. Superintendent(Exam)
2 Prof Omprakash Barapatre Department of Computer Science and Engineering Superintendent(Exam)
3 Prof H.M.Tiwari Department of Mathematics(HOD, Mathemtics) Assistant Superintendent(Exam)
4 Prof. Dileshwar Sahu Department Mechanical Engineering Assistant Superintendent(Exam)
5 Mr. Nand Kishor Karle Exam cell Technical Assistant
6 Chowa Ram Koshe Exam cell Class-4 Employee


The missions of the examination cell are to ensure proper conduction of examination (Internal) in timely manner and to maintain 100 % accuracy and transparency in the process flow of examination.


To Develop and maintain the confidentiality in the working of examinations and to follow the standard operation procedures for smooth conduction of examination.