Computer Science and Engineering

Why Computer Science & Engineering?

Computer Science & Engineering, the fastest growing engineering field for past few years, is a very broad discipline which addresses the relation and interaction between software and hardware. Computerized devices are used in all the fields to solve real engineering problem, these include:

  • Biomedical Devices
  • Home Automation
  • Games
  • Environment Controls
  • Networking & Wireless Communication

In short, Computer Science & Engineering is only field where one can have opportunities for the job in every field. Even Mechanical & Civil Engineering now a day depend upon CAD & CAM (Computer Aided Design & Computer Aided Manufacturing) software for their machine design or building design. In fact the manufacturers in market are designing their model with the help of different software. If you go for our day to day life computers are becoming one of the most important household for us. e-mails, games, social networking etc. are the need of society and are available in minimum cost.

Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Military Services, Films, Animation, Games, Manufacturing Industries, Interior Designing, everywhere we need computer application to complete the jobs.

The Power to Change The World

Thousands of foreign companies are approaching in Indian market and creating jobs for computer engineering students. Each and every year s/w recruits more than one lakh students and reduce unemployment.

As a technical degree Computer Science & Engineering tends to focus on Software Engineering and convert such fields for data base design ,network systems , the internet and other areas such as games designing, games coding ,artificial intelligence and cybernetic. If the student has good mathematical skills and interest in physics, he will be a good technical problem solver.

Most of the graduates absorbed in IT industry are in computer operation system, sales, programming, software engineering, analyst and program writer. Apart from this internet offers many opportunities for entrepreneur computer software engineers and, is the fastest growing occupation since 2008. Rapid growth in computer systems design industry is offering good opportunities for engineering graduates.

A computer graduate may get jobs in umpteen industries. Average salary for computer programmers and application software engineers are 20-50 lakh per annum. And also they may get a chance to go abroad for the job.

What do you think about the job aspects for Computer Science & Engineering?

  • Computer design & engineering: Design new computer circuits microchips and other electronic components.
  • Computer architecture: Designs new computer architecture sets cost effective computing.
  • Information technology: Provide & manage information system that supports a business or organization.
  • Computer system software engineer design, construct and maintain computer programs for companies: For example they may develop programs that do record keeping and processing.

Following Software companies are regularly visiting for placement in our BITT COLLEGES. Such type of near about 20 MNCs visited

  • TCS
  • CTS
  • WIPRO InfoTech
  • Hexaware